Current location: Nairobi

Cell: +254703423829

Email: ck@elevatika.com

LinkedIn: ke.linkedin.com/in/mikeck


To offer expertise in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Software Development. I am talented, professional, self-motivated, team player, hardworking, quick at learning new skills, result oriented, and ICT compliant. I like working in a challenging environment to allow me develop new skills and become more creative. I pride myself in being a continuous learner and therefore daily gaining more expertise in electrical engineering and software development to allow me deliver my best in these fields.


2012 – 2018

Technical University of Mombasa
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. (Light Current | Telecommunications)


March – May 2019

Wartsila East Africa (Kipevu II) as Maintenance Technician.

Responsibilities: Motor Testing, Motor Installation and Servicing, Installing and Servicing ACs, Installing Fans, Battery Power Banks, Control Sensors, Preventive Maintenance, Maintaining Generators

2016 – 2018

Toran Tours and Travel as Digital Business Manager (Part-Time)

Responsibilities: Website Security, Online communication, Website Development, Administration, Maintenance and Graphic Design, Social Media Monitoring and Management, Advertising

Aug – Sep 2017

SUNami Solar (K) Limited as Electrical and Electronic Intern.

Responsibilities: Circuit Design, PCB Development, Programming Micro-controllers with Arduino C, Electrical Installation, Soldering, Circuit Testing, Troubleshooting, Customer Service

Jan 2016 – May 2016

Baraka Phones as Social Media Manager (Part-Time)

Responsibilities: Marketing, Communication, Analytics, Performance Reports, Customer Service

Jul – Sep 2015

Nandi Tea Estates Limited as Electrical and Electronic Intern.

Responsibilities: Electrical Installation, Motor ewinding, Motor Installation, Maintenance, Reporting, Generator Maintenance


Oct 2018

Nairobi International Trade Fair

Exhibitor – Integrated Security System for Businesses and Learning Institution. (The system allows a business to monitor in realtime access information)

Aug 2018

Mombasa Agricultural Show

Exhibitor – Integrated Security System for Businesses and Learning Institutions. (The system allows a business to monitor in realtime access information)

Aug 2018

IBM Skills Academy

Artificial Intelligence Mastery Award – Algorithms, AI, Chatbots, Business Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Computer Vision, IBM Watson, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistical Models.
Additional Awards: Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Analytics, Blockchain, Internet of Things, HTML & CSS, Web Development, JavaScript, IBM Cloud, Git, API, Java, Node.js, Web Security, Web Services, Cloud Database.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Circuit Design and Construction, Electrical Installation and Wiring, PLCs, Robotics, Computer Networking, Troubleshooting, Telecommunications Security.

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator.

Web Technologies and Platforms

GraphQL, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Angular, WordPress, React, Node.js, Express, VueJS, Python, MongoDB, Gatsbyjs, Nuxtjs.

Marketing and Branding

Social Media Management, Marketing Materials, Branding Elements, Digital Advertising.

Mobile Development

Cordova, Kotlin, Java.


Cyber Security, AI, Version Control – Git, REST APIs, Cloud Computing, IBM Watson, AWS, Firebase, GraphQL.

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